Musings of the modern world 

|  fan of: random observations, freshly mowed lawn, research & learning, and serendipity  |

|  lover of : hypothetical questions, witnessing people's "ah ha!" moments, yogurt & chips, and four hugs a day |


Hello, my name is Nikta Fay.

I’m a Vancouver-raised nature lover transported to the middle of Toronto city. I make random observations and create hypotheses pretty much about everything. My main curiosity lies in why things happen, how they happen and what they can do for us.

You'll find a lot of my reflections in this blog. I created it to share my random observations, curiosities and hypothetical questions with anyone else who's ever also asked why and eagerly searched for the answers. 

I hope my blog inspires you to ask questions, explore and learn. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!